Salary Concerns

Benefit and Salary Concerns

Our state troopers and other state law enforcement officers are among the finest in the country and deserve to be treated as such with regards to pay and benefits. People often compare the pay and benefits of private sector and public employees.

State law enforcement officers have no private sector peers, so we must compare ourselves to local police and other state law enforcement officers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and the Country.

Sadly, the Maryland State Police has the recent distinction of being the worst paid state police agency in the entire country when salary is adjusted to account for the Median House Hold Income, Per Capita Income or the Cost of Living Index of the state.

Our salary picture is even bleaker when you consider:

  • We haven’t received our increments in six of twelve years
  • We have taken mandated pay cuts
  • The starting salary for the Maryland State Police is 21% lower than the median starting salary of the state police agencies in the Mid-Atlantic Region (NY,NJ,PA,VA,WV,DE)
  • The starting salary for the Maryland State Police is also lower than many of the local departments in our region (Howard, Prince George’s, Montgomery, Baltimore Counties, and Baltimore City)

Our ability to recruit qualified applicants has been affected by our inability to offer competitive salaries. Many who apply to the Maryland State Police have already been rejected by other law enforcement agencies. Many of our current Troopers are leaving for agencies with better pay and benefits.

Any negative changes to our already low salaries will further hurt our ability to recruit and retain qualified police officers. Additionally many law enforcement agencies in our region have already negotiated contracts with upcoming salary enhancements.





Our monthly board meeting will be held tonight September 26th @ 6:00 PM.
The meeting will be held @ our SLEOLA office in Severna Park.
As always, all members are welcomed and encouraged to attend.
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I spent this morning with the 27 members of The Natural Resources Police 58th Basic Recruit Class who will be graduating next week....Then spent the afternoon attending the graduation of the 145th Maryland State Police Trooper Candidate Class. Proud of these men and women entering our profession during these challenging times. Be safe my brothers and sisters! ... See MoreSee Less

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Speaking with MD State Police Academy Class 145 about SLEOLA's benefits and what we do for our members. ... See MoreSee Less

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The 144th Maryland State Police Academy Class on Graduation Day! We welcome these 39 new troopers to our ranks, and are grateful for their choice to protect and serve ... See MoreSee Less

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